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Listed below are  E. E. Miller’s faculty and staff members along with their email address.  When you click on a name, you will open a response form.  After composing your message, click “submit” to send it.  Occasionally, we experience problems with the email system.  If you do not receive a response to your message within a day or two, please call the school at 910.868.2800 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Thank you.

Hernandez, Gerald Jr. Principal
Weston, Alethia Assistant Principal
Office Staff  
Nelson, Lisa Registrar / Data Manager
Sprague, Joy Clerk
Hernandez, Taymara Medicine Clerk / Lunchroom Monitor
DeBerry, Lisa Bookkeeper
Hartsfield, Jessica Pre-Kindergarten
King, Vannessa Pre-Kindergarten
Covington, Candice Kindergarten
Marshall, Megan Kindergarten
McKoy, Carolyn Kindergarten
Spanish Immersion
Sanchez, Susan Kindergarten
Cantor, Gina Kindergarten Co-teacher
Perez, Jenny Kindergarten Co-teacher
Poveda, Jessica Kindergarten
First Grade
Ford, Vasa First Grade
Seivwright, Joan First Grade
Thompson, Nordia First Grade
Spanish Immersion
Gomez, Maria First Grade
Perez, Jenny First Grade Co-teacher
Muriel, Pamela First Grade
Lozano, Letty First Grade Co-teacher
Second Grade  
Blair, Chezrel Second Grade Teacher
Judge, Maureen Second Grade Teacher
Smelcer, Nicole Second Grade Teacher
Townsend, Tamar Second Grade Teacher
Spanish Immersion
Fernandez, Maria Second Grade Teacher
Third Grade  
Gordon, Marsha Third Grade Teacher
McBane, Kristen Third Grade Teacher
Porter, Naomi Third Grade Teacher
Stockham, Laura Third Grade Teacher
Spanish Immersion
Serrano, Angelica Third Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade
House, Jennifer Fourth Grade Teacher
McLeish, Kimbiley Fourth Grade Teacher
Wright, Linda Fourth Grade Teacher
Spanish Immersion
Salas, Sonia Fourth Grade Teacher
Letty Lozano Fourth Grade Co-Teacher
Fifth Grade  
Caine, Erica Fifth Grade Teacher
Wilmot, Paulette Fifth Grade Teacher
Spanish Immersion
Centeno, Denia Fifth Grade Teacher
Exceptional Children’s Teacher   
Pringle, Sharon EC Teacher
Exceptional Children’s Support Team
Robinson, Emily EC Case Manager
Tesch, Debra Support Teacher
Lenczyk, Elysa Support Teacher
Instructional Assistants 
Agosto, Jennifer Pre-Kindergarten
Smith, Tanjeniqwa Pre-Kindergarten
Hagan, Erica Kindergarten
Hodges, Shakira Kindergarten
Leggett, DaMita Kindergarten
Vacant First Grade
Smith, Robin First Grade
Leach, Latonia EC
Resource Personnel  
Brandt, Lorrie AG Teacher – grades 3-5
Miller, Mary AG Teacher – (Discovery) grades K-2
Brooks, Quintessa Art Teacher
Wright, Eugenia Computer Lab Assistant
Johnson, Lisa Instructional Coach
Klynstra, Katherine Instructional Coach
Ruey, Ellen Media Coordinator
Haigh, Walker Media Coordinator (part time)
Kesler, Sherry Music Teacher
Vacant Physical Education Teacher
Wonderly, Susan Title I Reading Teacher
Student Services  
Holt, Dawn School Counselor
Vacant Social Worker
Evans, Michelle Speech Pathologist
Soloman, Jacyline Nurse
Mohammed, Ritchlyn School Psychologist
Cafeteria Staff
Evans, Beverly Cafeteria Manager
Custodial Staff  
Baksh, Shameeda Head Custodian

Ellen Ruey    Web Manager

Published by Ellen Ruey on June 20, 2017
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