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School Dress Code for Students
Published by Ellen Ruey on July 13, 2017

Students dress contributes to our safe & orderly school atmosphere, self-respect, and supports positive “first impressions”.  A clean, neat, appropriately dressed student advertises the fact that he/she respects himself/herself in a way designed to win the respect from others.  Students are earnestly advised to dress with good taste and in so, they will be contributing to the general pride of the school.  Miller parents are asked to use good judgment as they allow their children to dress for school and to follow established guidelines to ensure their child’s attire or appearance does not disrupt the learning environment. School dress/attire/appearance concerns will be addressed by school staff.   

The following is a dress code that we feel will maintain an atmosphere of comfort and learning.

·         Students must wear skirts and shorts that are no more than three inches above the knee when standing. It is recommended that young ladies wear shorts under their skirts.

·         Students must not wear clothing depicting intoxicating beverages, tobacco products, weapons, or obscenities.  Clothing which causes a disruption en-route to or at school is not permitted.

·         All clothing must be free of offensive language (or pictures) relating to violence, controversial issues/topics, drugs, race, or sex.  Clothing should represent respect for self and others and promote a positive attitude in our positive emotional learning environment.

·         Students must wear jeans, pants, shorts, shirts, or slacks that fit at the waistline.  – no biker shorts, leggings, jeggings, ripped clothing that exposes too much skin, bagging/sagging attire or too tight attire.

·         Blouses/shirts must cover shoulders & midsections (stomach, chest, or ribs) – no spaghetti straps.

·         All spray in hair coloring, hair wash/rinse/coloring, or hair styles which could be disruptive to the school environment are prohibited at school.  Hair appearance should not be a disruption to the school learning environment.

·         Your child’s safety is our priority!  NO flip-flops, Crocs, open-toed shoes, heels (higher than one inch) or wheels on shoes are permitted.  In an effort to keep students safe, all students need to wear tennis shoes to PE class. If a student is not wearing proper footwear, he/she will be asked to step/walk around the perimeter of the gym for the duration of class (as an alternative way to stay active).

·         Closed-toe footwear is appropriate for your child’s daily physical activities.

·         Attire will be clean, neat, and not revealing.

·         Headgear will not be worn in the building and must be kept inside the book bag.  This includes hats, kerchiefs, scarves, bandanas, etc.

·         No gum chewing allowed in school.

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